Friday, March 25, 2016


One of the places I am investigating for our trip is the International Spy Museum .  Their blog for March features women spies .  An image with a short description is included for each lady spy.

Two of my favorites are Julia Child and Josephine Baker.  Who knew the famous chef worked in the spy industry during WWII?  Julia Child developed a shark repellent while she worked for the Office of Strategic Services.  When asked about being a spy she is quoted as saying, “I was not a spy, only a lowly file clerk.”   She received an Emblem of Meritorious Civilian for her work.  I'm guessing she was more than a clerk.

Josephine Baker was a dancer who left the United States because of racism.  During WWII she was part of the French Resistance.  Her sheet music was often covered with messages written in invisible ink.  She received the Medal of Resistance for her counterintelligence work.

The song "Secret Agent Man" - Johnny Rivers 1966  keeps running through my mind.  These short vignettes make me want to know about the many stories still waiting to be told.

Here is a question to chew on.  What children's author was a British spy during World War II?


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