Thursday, March 24, 2016

Re-visiting the Past

Would you travel with 40 teenagers (boys and girls) on a greyhound bus for over 30 days?  Would you do it if it was only you one other adult and the driver?

Today I would tell you NOT NO But H... NO!

In 1973 I was one of 40 teenage 4-Hers that traveled from Idaho to Washington, DC and home again.  We spent a week in Washington DC for 4-H Club Congress.  Along the trip we stopped at many monuments, historic places, etc.  And yes we only had two chaperones and the bus driver.

I have vivid memories from that trip.  This summer I will be able to see some of those places again.  My husband has traveled many of those roads as a truck driver but never had the opportunity to stop and see things.  My s-daughter and sister-in-law have never been to this area of the country.

I have been trying to make a huge list of must see places.  We have made reservations along the way with a general idea of where we are going.  But now each person will need to look at the places and events and pick several that they really want to do.  then we will fill in our trip with other things as time allows.

Friends have been sharing places and things they have done.  Angela told me that she and her husband attended weekend events at Embassy Row.  Each participating Embassy allows visitors to see their embassy, here music and sample food.  Some are free and others charge a nominal fee,

This is what I found after researching it a bit.  
I have not been back to most of these places since I was 15.  

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