Saturday, March 5, 2016

Celebrating Moments


He did quite a bit of planning.  Choosing the music, the singer, the minister.  Even choosing the site.
He chose the rodeo grounds and his favorite tractor for his last ride.  Evie told me he wrote pages of instructions.

As I headed for the bleachers I heard a man's voice talking.  I thought that sounds like "Jim", "Popsie's" son-in-law.  As I turned the corner I could see I was right.  Jimmy shared life stories of "Popsie" and then Rhonda the oldest grandchild shared her memories.

One of them was the old brown pickup that ran on propane.  As she told the story I remembered driving it on many occasions.  The 21 gun salute filled my heart as I said good-bye.

Tiffany now grown and married asked me today how I came to be part of the family. (I had always been a part of her life.)  I explained that her Aunt Stena and I had gone through Basic and AIT together and she had brought me home with her.  Her Mom and Dad welcomed me and included me in among their other seven kids and other adopted family.  

I looked around and realized that everyone had gotten old.  Looking in the mirror I realized I had too. (I'm not really sure when it happened.  Just the other day my hair was dark.)  

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