Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who Am I?

I love the back stories of people and books.  I thought for this post I would create a list of clues.

Can you discover who I am?  Leave your prediction in the comments and then click on the link for the answer.

Clue 1:   During World War II, I was a flying ace.

Clue 2:  I wrote books for adults as well as children.

Clue 3:  I was born in Wales.

Clue 4:  During World War II I was a spy for MI6.

Clue 5:  I was named after a Norwegian national hero.

Clue 6:  I was very tall, 6 foot 6 inches.

Clue 7:  My children's books are said to have dark comic elements.

Clue 8:  I attended Repton School in Derbyshire.

Clue 9:  I helped develop the WDT valve  to help my child who had secondary hydrocephalus.

Clue 10:  I dreamt of being praised by Mr. Cadbury.

Remember go put your prediction in the comment section.


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