Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Exploring Nevers with Special Spinning Spiders" in a Never Poem

I found the instructions for writing a "Never" poem at WriteShop .  I am convinced that my students would have lots of fun with this form of poetry.  Here is my poem.

Exploring Nevers with Special Spinning Spiders
    • I would never eat spumoni flavored spaghetti.
    • I would never wear sparkly spinach colored speedos.
    • I would never buy spindly, spiky, sponges.
    • I would never speak to Sparky Spears while spinning and sputtering.
    • I would never sprint through spooky spider spheres.
    • I would always like to think of spring sprinklers spinning in spacious space.
    • I promise I will never spill sparkly, smelly, spumoni flavored spaghetti.
Find the directions here:

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