Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wish List Poem

A Rescue Dog's Wishlist 

Let me be loved
be cuddled and petted,
be well fed, an occasional juicy bone.
let my new family take me with them
play ball with me 
rub me belly and behind my ears

Don't let me stay alone
let me be surrounded by love
Don't leave me chained and abandoned
Don't push me away when I want to love you

Let me have lots of pets and pats
kibble ping-ing as it hits my dish
Laughter when my nose nudges a knee

Cold fresh water
As I lap , cool water splashes my tongue 
a soft bed to sleep on
better yet sharing my people bed

Let me be loved.

 time pick one or two of the words you really like and write a completely new sentence about your teacher using them.

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