Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dare the Wind a Book to Savor

One title caught my attention as I was putting together my order;   "Dare the Wind" by Tracey Fern.  It is a picture book biography about Ellen Prentess Creesy.  Her father taught her how to navigate.  In 1851 she plotted the maiden voyage of the clipper "Flying Cloud" from New York to San Francisco around Cape horn.  The clipper was commanded by her husband Josiah Creesy.

This first voyage was completed in 89 days and 21 hours.  In 1854 she broke her own record, the voyage was completed in 89 days and 8 hours.  A record that stood until 1989 when it was surpassed by the high performance racing sloop "Thursday's Child".

I found the story fascinating.  She was working as a master mariner during a time that few women even traveled on ship with their husband.

As I was preparing to order the book the computer list said I already owned a copy.  I quickly went in search of it and read it to one of my older group of students.  I love stories that tell what women have accomplished through the ages.  This one I savored. The author does a good job of showing the strong bond she has with her husband.

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