Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Unusual Occupations for a Character, SOLSC #9

I was looking at a worksheet to flesh out characters that I found called "Quick Character Creations"  
http://eadeverell.com/wp-content/uploads/quickcharactercreator.pdf   One of the sections inspired the following list of unusual occupations, some of them no longer exist.  Others have become more modernized.

I remember pictures of my uncle, his brothers and dad driving logs down the Columbia River.  He told me that he was about five the first time he and his twin went with their dad.  While looking for things for this list I found some interesting photos.

The possibilities.


1. Snake milkers
2.  Professional cuddler
3.  Professional mourner  
4.  Iceberg mover
5.  Dog surfing instructor
6.  Face feelers - "sensory scientists"
7.  Olfactory testing perfumer
8.  Taste tester
9.  Master Distiller
10. Chimney Sweeps (has been modernized)
11.  Drover (Moves Cattle or Sheep and for a period of time turkeys)
12.  Hatters
13.  Lapidaries
14.  Match Makers
15.  Quarrymen

These occupations no longer exist    http://www.boredpanda.com/extinct-jobs/

1. Telegraph Operator
2.  Breaker Boys (Young boys hired to break coal into smaller pieces)
3.  Ice Delivery Man
4.  Rag and Bone Man (junk collector buy and sells)
5.  Moonshine Runner
6.  Log Drivers "river hogs"
7.  Bowling Alley Pinsetter
8.  Human Alarm Clock
9.  Ice cutter
10.  Telephone operators
11.  Switchboard operators
12.  Rat catcher
13.  Lamp lighter
14.  Resurrectionists (Body snatchers)
15.  Lector who entertained factory workers by reading to them.
16.  Daguerreotypists
17.  Hemp dresser or "hackler"

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